Homicide (18-29216)
On 7/20/18 around 4:45 p.m., Anchorage Police received a report of a shooting at the 600 block of North Hoyt Street. Upon arrival, officers found a deceased adult female lying on the floor inside an apartment. She was shot in the upper body. The victim has been identified as 31 year old Brittney Sparks. On July 24, detectives obtained a warrant for the arrest of suspect Clint Registre for homicide.

Registe is a 36 year-old black male, 5’8” tall, 230 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

If you have information as to the whereabouts of Clint Registe, call Crime Stoppers at 561-7867 or submit your tip on this website.

Wanted as of 07/24/2018
Name: Registe, Clint
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 09/13/1981   Age: 37
Height: 5ft8in   Weight: 230
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Failure to Appear (Fraudulent Use of an Access Device, Theft, Forgery, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance, , Misconduct Involving WeaponsFailure to Stop at the Direction of an officer, Reckless ddriving, Driving with License Revoked,)
Wanted as of 03/26/2015
Name: Snow, Lelarose Salyina
Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 06/09/1988   Age: 30
Height: 5ft5in   Weight: 125
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Tattoo on abdomen
Failure to Appear (Scheme to Defraud, Theft, Unsworn Falsification)
Wanted as of 10/08/2015
Name: Stamper, Olivia Maria
Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 06/14/1979   Age: 39
Height: 5ft4in   Weight: 230
Hair: Other Brown   Eyes: Brown
Probation Violation (Failure to Comply/Original charge of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 4)
Wanted as of 05/20/2011
Name: Sutton, Korvel Maurice
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 03/05/1971   Age: 47
Height: 5ft11in   Weight: 185
Hair: Bald Bald   Eyes: Brown
Murder 1, Murder 2, Asssault 3, Misconduct Involving Weapon1, Assault 3 (x2), Criminal Mischief 3
Wanted as of 09/13/2017
Name: Taha, Haitim Mahir
Gender: Male   Race: Unknown
DOB: 10/31/1996   Age: 22
Height: 5ft5in   Weight: 180
Hair: Short Black   Eyes: Brown
Felony Larceny/Scheme to Defraud, Theft 2.
Wanted as of 04/19/2017
Name: Vanwinkle, Darya Lillis
Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 10/06/1955   Age: 63
Height: 5ft2in   Weight: 140
Hair: Long Red   Eyes: Blue
Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Assault 1&3, Conspiracy Kidnapping & Robbery, Tampering with Evidence, Hindering Prosecution, Misconduct Involving Weapons.
Wanted as of 08/19/2017
Name: Faumui, Rex Faiva
Gender: Male   Race: Pacific Islander
DOB: 01/06/1993   Age: 25
Height: 6ft4in   Weight: 300+
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Attempted Murder
Wanted as of 08/24/2017
Name: Vaifanua, Faamanu Junior
Alias: Aso Junior Mele
Gender: Male   Race: Pacific Islander
DOB: 12/23/1989   Age: 28
Height: 5ft11in   Weight: 275
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Assault 1, Conspiracy Kidnapping & Robbery, Tampering With Evidence, Hindering Prosecutioin, Assault 3.
Wanted as of 08/24/2017
Name: Vaifanua, Macauther
Alias: Mac
Gender: Male   Race: Pacific Islander
DOB: 12/25/1988   Age: 29
Height: 5ft10in   Weight: 280
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Warrant: 3AN-17-06521CR
Sexual Assault of a Minor (4 counts)
Wanted as of 12/24/2014
Name: Campbell, Jason Paul
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 01/28/1976   Age: 42
Height: 5ft 9in   Weight: 200 lbs
Hair:  Red   Eyes: Hazel
Case: 13-18427
Warrant: 3AN-14-11677CR
Felony Theft, Misconduct Involving Weapons
Wanted as of 10/19/2015
Name: Cameron, Chase Minor
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 04/20/1989   Age: 29
Height: 5ft 9in   Weight: 165 lbs
Hair:  Blond   Eyes: Blue
Case: 15-39853
Warrant: 3AN-15-09432CR
Probation Violation (Original Charge, Misconduct Involving Controlled Substance 4)
Wanted as of 03/08/2016
Name: Hiraldo-Zayas, Alberto Luis
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 10/22/1985   Age: 33
Height: 5ft 10in   Weight: 200 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Warrant: 3AN-205-470CR

Anchorage Police are asking for help from the public in finding Alberto Luis Hiraldo-Zayas  who is wanted for probation violations stemming from a drug charge. Hiraldo-Zayas is considered armed and dangerous and may be involved in gang and drug activity.


Hiraldo-Zayas is a 30 year old male, 5’10” tall, 202 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.   He has a tattoo on his left arm and on the left side of his neck.


If you know the whereabouts of Hiraldo-Zayas, call Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or submit a tip anonymously at using this website 

Murder 1
Wanted as of 05/20/1995
Name: Fernandez, Ruben
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 03/24/1974   Age: 44
Height: 6ft 2in   Weight: 150 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Unknown
Case: APD 95-80985
Warrant: 3AN955443
Fernandez gunned down a rival gang member during the evening hours of May 20, 1995 in the parking lot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Northern Lights and C Street. He fled Alaska and is believed to be in New York or the Dominican Republic.
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